Henri Jayer

The wines of Henri Jayer: the ‘godfather’ of Burgundy
His wines are highly sought after, not only because they are among the most delicious, beguiling and extraordinary red wines ever produced, but also because they were made in tiny volumes from his small holdings of some of the best terroirs in and around Vosne-Romanée in the Côte de Nuits region of Burgundy.
Jayer’s first vintage dates back to 1945; between then and 2001, he would produce 56 more. Since his death in 2006 at the age of 84, his silky and seductive Pinot Noirs have grown ever rarer, creating a cult following among connoisseurs and collectors the world over.
‘His wines are certainly among the finest I have ever tasted, particularly the Richebourg, Echézeaux and Cros Parantoux,’ says Christie’s International Director of Wine, Tim Triptree MW.

亨利·賈葉(Henri Jayer)一直是勃艮第的傳奇,這份傳奇讓他「位列仙班」,被世人稱頌為「勃艮第之神」。
他的「神跡」不僅限於他用400多次炸藥炸出了克羅·帕宏圖(Cros Parantoux)一級園,也不僅僅是他的里奇堡(Richebourg)價格超過羅曼尼·康帝,穩坐世界最貴葡萄酒寶座,最重要的是他「不干預」的釀酒理念,影響了一代又一代的釀酒人。而他釀造的葡萄酒,是完美體現勃艮第風土的頂級之作,每年產量不超過3500瓶,而且正式貼有「Henri Jayer」標籤的,僅僅24個年份。

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