Domaine Camus

Haven’t changed anything, do not intend to change anything
and it is not necessary to change anything.
Because this is a Grand Cru of Chambertin.
Their wines have been kept in the cellar for a long time, and bottles are released little by little.
Domaine Camus has been ignored by wine drinkers for a long time. Why? because Mr.Robert Parker Jr. and the same kind(Mr.Clive Coates, Mr.Allen Meadows…etc) introduced CAMUS unfairly. Although Robert Parker wrote modestly and ironically in his book “I have never been able to understand the wine of Camus”, of course, this type of wines are beyond their sense. Moreover he advised them to change wine-making…!?
But we shouldn’t complain. Rather, thanks to Mr.Parker prices of CAMUS’s wines remain reasonable.

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