Domaine Ponsot

There is history of innovation here with it being one of the first Domaines to practise estate bottling in the 1930s, and perhaps more significantly the Ponsots were among the first growers to understand the importance of clones and clonal selection – many of the most important Pinot Noir clones originate from their vineyards.

The first Ponsot on the scene was William, originally from St Romain but on returning from the Franco-Prussian war he settled in Morey St Denis in 1872 and bought vineyard land including the Clos des Monts Luisants. He was succeeded in 1920 by his cousin and godson, Hippolyte Ponsot, who was joined by his son Jean-Marie in 1942. Jean-Marie, long-time mayor of Morey, ran the business from 1958 until the early 1980s when his son Laurent, currently the man in charge, took over.

Right from the start in 1872 the Ponsots bottled a proportion of their own wine, although this was only for the family and their restaurants- they owned the franchise for all the station buffets in northern Italy! Hippolyte took the decision to bottle the entire production of the domaine in 1934.
Dom. Ponsot堅持傳統的精神,不用農藥和化學肥料也不綁枝,完全以人工耕種和收割,葡萄篩選皆於園中完成。釀造時仍用傳統的「踩皮」和1945年以來的垂直榨汁機,不過濾澄清。除非必要,儘量避免添加二氧化硫,改用氮氣保護酒質。在現今一片只用新桶的風潮下,挑選長期合作的酒莊所提供的五年以上舊橡木桶。相較於新桶經常呈現的烘烤和煙燻味,經過舊桶陳放將為口感帶來更多細微的變化。自2008年份酒款開始全面採用一種特殊複合材質所製作的Ardea Seal瓶塞,此種瓶塞外層使用人工心臟瓣膜材料。Ardea Seal瓶塞最能確保酒的氣密性:平均每24小時只有0,009 ~ 0,018 cm3 的氧氣通過瓶塞,並可避免軟木塞所造成香氣流失、腐壞或斷裂的問題,更加提升陳年潛力。
隨著在市場上的大收歡迎,Dom. Ponsot酒款也成為不肖商人的偽造目標。當發現這個情形日暨嚴重,為了保障消費者的權益,DOMAINE PONSOT自2009年10月起,自原廠輸出的一級和特級酒莊酒款,多了一道特製的防偽標籤。這道防偽標籤是個經過亂數排列的透明泡泡標示。每個泡泡的排列有著唯一性,就像是每支酒的指紋一般,無法複製。

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