Domaine Leflaive

Domaine Leflaive, in Puligny-Montrachet, traces its roots back 2,000 years to vineyards planted during the Roman era. More specifically, the domaine was founded in the 1920s when Joseph Leflaive, an engineer by training, began replanting the family vineyards with improved grape vines. He sold wine to friends and later made it into a business. After his death in 1953 his children ran the estate. The business is still owned and managed by the Leflaive family and its white Burgundies are renowned for their quality. With 58 acres of vineyards planted entirely to Chardonnay, the domaine produces fewer than 4,000 cases of Montrachet annually. Since 1998 Domaine Leflaive has been farmed entirely according to biodynamic principles, which, among other things, means that no pesticides, chemicals or artificial fertilizers of any kind are used.
Leflaive是布根地白酒中無人不知無人不曉的著名品牌,更有布根地白酒第一名莊」之稱。於1717年成立,Joseph Leflaive是一個優秀的海軍工程師,還曾經設計建造法國第一艘潛水艇,當他接手莊園時,僅有兩公頃葡萄園,所以他就陸續購進Chevalier, Batard, Bienvenues- Batard等Grand Cru園地,以及Pucelles和Clavoillons的優秀Premier Cru,坐擁多塊令人垂涎的知名地塊,以生產細膩的白酒著稱。

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